I’m going to spend the next week or so answering some questions that have been sent to me from coaches and others that have been asked inside The Coaching Jungle Facebook group.

Today’s question comes from Neil Edge:

“As coaches, how important is it to build an email list in your opinion? Which software do you use to build it?”

My two cents:

I’m obviously a big email guy. I’ve been emailing my list daily since April 2016, and haven’t missed a day (knock on wood). I wouldn’t have sent emails for 1500+ consecutive days if I didn’t think email was important!

I like email because you own your list. Social media can be a great tool, but what happens if your favourite social media channel that you rely on shuts down tomorrow (cough Myspace) or you get kicked off it (a definite possibility in today’s “cancel culture”)? …

You’d be up the river without a paddle!

If you’d been building an email list, you could carry on and sell your products and services to those people.

But I’ll add a few important criteria for successful email marketing, which some people will undoubtedly disagree with:

1) Email your list daily. I know, it sounds crazy … but I’m convinced that it works.

2) Take the filter off and share your opinions unapologetically.

Back when I sent emails like everyone else (once a week or sometimes twice a week) I got few results from email, and I was ready to stop doing it. But once I started my daily practice, and took the filter off and spoke my mind, things changed and I started getting results.

Finally, to answer the part of the question about email platforms, I’ve used Aweber since 2014 and have been happy with it. It’s not flashy, but it gets the job done and I like it …

So there you have it, my opinion on the importance of building (and selling to) an email list.

Another thing that I’m a believer in is mastermind groups, and I currently have space for a motivated coach in mine. You can get the details here:


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