I once read a story about Eddie Van Halen that stuck with me:

When Eddie was a teenager, his brother always tried to get him to go out with him and his friends on Friday nights.

But Eddie wanted to become the greatest guitarist in the world, so he always declined and chose to stay home and practice.

Hours later, when Eddie’s brother got back home, he saw Eddie sitting in the same spot on his bed and practicing.

I doubt he even left his guitar to make a sandwich or use the bathroom, since he was in “The Zone”.

Flash forward to today, and Eddie Van Halen is considered the greatest guitarist of all time by many.

It’s summertime, and a lot of coaches are MIA and won’t be back until after Labour Day.

Not to begrudge them, I like to get some summer sun when I can – but better to be more like Eddie Van Halen than The Beach Boys (all “fun, fun, fun”) when building your business.

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