Earlier this week, I shared my opinion of what I think of CNN (and the crazy lockdowns that politicians have been subjecting people to around the world) on social media:


CNN using the slogan “Facts First” is like McDonald’s going with “Health First” for theirs.

CNN/the media is junk food that rots the brain – if you’re following it 24/7 and you feel like crap, that’s probably why.

Turn off the TV and get outside for a walk and some fresh air (assuming your government is letting you leave your home at the moment …)


I’m not letting media on the other side of the aisle (like Fox) off the hook here … I think there’s plenty of blame to go around.

When it comes to the media, “if it bleeds, it leads …” and you probably aren’t going to be feeling 100% if you consume too much of it.

I’m interested in politics and current events, so I give myself 10 minutes per day to scan what the media (on both sides) is saying before turning it off to focus on business and personal development stuff.

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If you don’t have the time, take 10 minutes away from the news and give it a read. You can grab your free copy here:


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