Here are some binge-worthy videos for course creators

by | May 9, 2022 | Blog

Although it’s rare for me to binge-watch a series, Breaking Bad was one that I couldn’t resist doing it for.

The characters and plot were so addictive that it was hard to stop, and I had to keep going to see what was going to happen to Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, Saul Goodman, and friends.

It’s hard to find that kind of “binge-watchyness” (is that a word?) in the online coaching space, but I think I found it.

Danny Iny of Mirasee has just released a series of 7 short training videos about course creation, and I binge-watched them in just one sitting when I got a sneak peek at them recently.

If you’re starting a new course, or are looking to revive an old one that you previously released, get the video series here (it’s free):

PS: I had Danny on my podcast this morning and he shared some gold nuggets about course creation! You can give it a listen here:

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