Helping people bounce back after making a mistake

by | Apr 6, 2021 | Blog

Here’s a story from Linda (one of Adventure in Wisdom’s WISDOM coaches for kids) about a client who had to bounce back from a mistake she made:


“I received a call from a parent whose child was caught cheating during digital learning when she copied another student’s assignment.

When I spoke to the child, she was crying. We talked about mistakes and I made it clear that she was the same lovely young lady she always has been and that she just made a poor choice.

We read the story The Weight of Mistakes [Skill book 23] and talked about the Five I’s for managing a mistake.

After our first session, I gave her a few assignments using the 5 steps to do during the week.

During our second session, she bounced in happy. She said she used the 5 steps for managing a mistake. She was sorry she had copied the assignment and wrote an apology note to her teacher and her parents. She redid the assignment and got an A.

She also learned the word ‘plagiarize’ and learned how important it was to do her own work. She wrote ‘plagiarize’ on a piece of paper, crumpled it up, and threw it in a trash to symbolize ‘letting it go’.

The child shared, ‘Thank you Coach Linda for teaching me that mistakes help my mind grow. My brain grew a lot.’

The child’s parents shared, ‘Thank you for helping our daughter learn to do the right thing. The lessons changed her life.’


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