There’s a cool event happening for coaches and online entrepreneurs in Atlanta this coming week.

It’s being led by Pamela Bruner, and it’s called “Transform: Tapping Into Wealth And Business Mastery”.

Here’s the Cliff’s Notes of what’s being covered during the three days:

  • Why you’re working so hard, and still not making the money you want. (and exactly how to change it)
  • The #1 thing you must have in your business to get clients you love (it’s not what you expect!)
  • What you can stop doing, that will let you add $2000 – $5000/month to your income.
  • The 5 keys to keeping you sane, grounded, and spiritually aware as you’re growing your business.
  • Why so much of what you’ve been taught is wrong, and exactly what you should be doing now instead (This is really surprising)
  • The reason most entrepreneurs don’t succeed that is never talked about – and how you can avoid this trap.

I promoted the event recently, but there were people who weren’t able to commit to going to Atlanta with it being short notice and they had a lot going on in their lives …

The good news is you won’t have to fly to Atlanta to experience what Pamela is teaching, since she’s offering a ticket to the livestream to watch from the comfort of your home (for a whopping 17 bucks …)

With this livestream you can soak in five hours of golden content while in your PJs, and you’ll even be able to ask questions live during the broadcast.

Grab your livestream ticket here:

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