The Coaching Jungle Facebook group is about to pass the 10,000 member mark in the next few days, and I’m pretty pumped about that.

The group has become a huge part of my business, and I’ve gotten to meet/work with a ton of cool folks because of it.

Since I’m so passionate about Facebook groups (I think almost every online entrepreneur should have one), I was excited when Kay Sanders invited me to talk about them on her Business Excellence Summit 2018 which starts March 5th.

In my interview, I’m going to share the strategies that I used to grow my FB group to 10,000 members in just a little over two years with zero advertising!

Besides me, there’ll be 30 other experts sharing their strategies, tools and techniques to help you grow your business (so you won’t have to re-invent the wheel)

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the other things covered in the summit:

– Living Your Worth while Building Your Wealth (with Guest Expert Katherine Dean)
– 3 Simple Online Visibility Hacks that Pay Off Quickly and Easily (with Guest Expert Cindy Holbrook)
– The Limitations of Perfectionism (with Guest Expert Kim O’Neil)

(You can see the full lineup here:

What I like best about these sessions are they’re packed with valuable content and not the “tell us your back story” stuff (zzzzz …) that you hear so often in interviews nowadays.

Kay was insistent that we dive right into the good stuff – the meaty, practical stuff. Hats off to her for doing that …

So I guess you could say the summit will be “all killer no filler” in the words of fellow Canadians and rockers Sum 41.

It starts up soon, here’s the link again to register for it:

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