Over the last few days I’ve been talking about the unique coaching model that Rob Goyette teaches, and one of the nice things about it is you don’t have to be a tech guru to make it work for you.

All you need are a few simple, inexpensive things:

1) A way to get paid, like PayPal or Stripe,

2) A way to do your calls, like Zoom,

3) An online calendar to handle your bookings and protect your time,

4) A pen and paper to take notes during your calls with clients, or use Evernote if you prefer digital …

I followed Rob’s guidance and had his model set up that day, and I filled the available spots for clients within just a few days (I took on 8 clients for my first go-around with it).

If you’d like to learn more about Rob’s model, he lays it all out in a free report that you can grab here:


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