Later today, Nicole Bandes from “Virtual A Team” will be doing a live training to show how you can use delegation to grow your online business.

She’ll be providing great free information during the training, but here are some testimonials from her clients that show that she’s a pro at this stuff and didn’t just roll out of bed this morning and decide to do this:

  • “Her experience with other speakers, coaches, and podcasters has really helped me build out what I’m doing to be able to scale and grow. It has taken a lot of my work load off of my list and has also helped teach me how to better delegate the tasks within my business …” (Morgan Oaks)

-> “I can’t say enough things about Nicole and her team at Virtual A Team. They are total pros. Got my project done faster than expected saving me time and money!” (Debbie Page)

-> “I first hired Nicole when I had an urgent and major tech SNAFU and without hesitation or question, she jumped in and fixed it! From there I started passing more and more projects and tasks to her and her team and it was always smooth sailing. Her communication is incredible …her skill set and that of her teams is off the charts!” (Liz Dederer)

To get ideas and a delegation strategy in place for your business, join us at 3 pm EST today. Register here:

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