Today’s the day that Sheikh Shourav from Groupboss will be hosting a webinar that will show:

  • How to grow your client base leveraging your Facebook group
  • Generate leads from a Facebook group on autopilot
  • How to combine your Facebook group with your email marketing
  • The way to create irresistible offers to your prospects that they can’t ignore

So far Groupboss has helped 400 Facebook group owners get better results with communities – including Bruce (Beck Computer Systems), who marvelled at how it’s helping him connect with his members off the social media platform.

And then there’s Abdul from VerifyBee, who says that Groupboss “has been a lifesaver” for his company by making it easier to collect and utilize data from his FB group …

It’s taking place today at 12 pm EST, and you can watch it by registering here:

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