Here’s a post that I saw in my Facebook group last week:


“Do you find that your ex-corporate background is having an impact on how you run your business?
I was talking with someone yesterday who, like me, is from a corporate background and he was saying that it was holding him back.

That since most things need to be “polished” to be deemed a success in a corporate environment he was now always asking himself if what he was doing was good enough for his business.

I kinda feel the same way, and I was wondering if it was also true for other coaches!”


I’ve seen this hesitation often from coaches who come from corporate backgrounds, and especially around content creation.

They’re afraid to lose the “corporate-speak”, and release anything that could be deemed unpolished or unprofessional.

The result is emails and posts that read like a corporate memo or press release. They don’t release much content because of their need for endless edits and rewrites (even for very short social media posts that should be completed in a few minutes, max).

In 2020, clients want to work with real people, not logos or robots. This means mixing in some of your personal side in addition to your business stuff.

Anyone who follows me knows my hobbies outside of my business, and I like to mix things up. For example, every day I post a funny meme or image on my Facebook (well, I find it funny – I’m sure not all do).

Some might say “That’s not professional!”, but the memes fit my sense of humour (puns and dad jokes) and let me lighten up and not be all about business and coaching 100% of the time.

I’ve even had clients tell me they hired me because of my sense of humour!

It can take a leap of faith to start loosening up, but once you see that it helps your business it gets easier.

We like to loosen up and have fun in my Coaching Jungle Mastermind groups, and if you’d to do that while growing your business you can join us here:

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