(Free Training) 4 key strategies for super-successful virtual events!

by | Jan 19, 2021 | Blog

When the world went into lockdown last spring, a lot of entrepreneurs were put in a tough spot.

This includes Bari Baumgardner and Blue Melnick from SAGE.

Since they specialized in live, in-person events they instantly lost a whole year of bookings!

But while a lot of people would complain and take a defeatist attitude, they chose a different approach …

They dove into hosting virtual events, and ended up doing 36 of them in 2020, had 146,000 attendees, and generated over $175 million dollars for their clients last year (to bring their total to over $1 billion for clients since they first started their business!).

If you’d like to profit from their experience and learn the secrets to hosting successful virtual events then you’ll want to watch the free training that they’re doing this week that shows the 4 key strategies they use to get so many attendees to show up to their events AND stay engaged.

You’re also going to learn the single biggest mistake that people are making when it comes to virtual events, how to transition your content to virtual, how to engage your audience to create an experience just as impactful the live events you’re used to, and much more.

They’re doing the training on various days and times this week to ensure as many coaches and online entrepreneurs benefit from it as possible. You can save your seat for it here:


PS: I had the opportunity to watch the training recently and immediately recommended it to a number of clients and partners of mine who I knew are interested in hosting virtual events. Here’s that link again:


PPS: You don’t need to host huge virtual events with thousands of attendees for this stuff to work. Sandra Angelo made $92,000 from her event … with just 11 attendees! Learn how she did it by registering here:


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