There are a lot of flaky people in the world.

Over the last week I’ve dealt with several …

I bought a big bookcase for my home office to take care of the overflow of books that have spilled out of my current one.

(I’m not following Marie Kondo’s advice to only have 30 books)

So I decided to sell my futon to free up wall space in my office, and I put it on Kijiji at a reasonable price.

Since it’s hardly used and priced to sell, I had a lot of interest in it right away.

One guy set up a time to come and buy it the first night, but he didn’t show.

Another women did the exact same thing the following day.

A few others messaged that they’d definitely buy it and would be back in touch ASAP to confirm a time to come over and get it.

Then crickets …

Anyways, the futon sold and I can’t say that I’m surprised to see this kind of flakiness on Kijiji, but unfortunately it isn’t confined to online bargain shoppers.

There are plenty of online entrepreneurs who engage in this kind of behaviour, and it’s hurting their results.

They don’t show up to their calls.

They don’t follow through with tasks that they have to do – even simple ones like posting on social media or sending an email out to their lists.

They don’t launch their offers, opting to stay in “analysis paralysis” mode instead.

If you aren’t flaky and willing to roll up your sleeves and take action, I’m looking for a handful of coaches to join me in my upcoming “Coach Sprint” program this month.

We’ll work together for 4 weeks to nail down your offer and get you new clients.

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