Here’s one of the questions that I like asking my clients:

“If you could snap your fingers and have the life that you want one year from today, what would it look like?

(note: I give the exact date, IE: February 18th, 2019, since it seems to have more impact that way)

I like this question because it forces the client to slow down and think, which is something that few people take time to do nowadays.

Besides giving them clarity on their goals, it also gives them the motivational warm and fuzzies – and they’re more likely to take action when they’re feeling good.

Other coaches take it a step further…

Barbara Seifert is a coach and Secret Coach Club subscriber and she has a genie’s lamp in her office. When her clients are there, she asks them:

“What wish would you ask the genie?”

This relaxes the client and taps into their creative side so she can get down to business coaching the client through what they uncovered.

I’m not suggesting that you have to run out and buy props to be a good coach, but I do love Barbara’s approach.

If your clients are having trouble getting clarity, try my question (or if you meet clients in-person, consider investing in a genie lamp).

If your wish is to get more leads for your coaching business, Karl Bryan is your genie. He’s a master at lead generation and showing coaches how to get them rolling in.

Karl and I are doing a live training on Tuesday where he’ll be teaching how he does it.

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