Yesterday I talked about the need to keep your offers simple, and today I’m going to reinforce another important thing:

Focus on only one offer at a time!

I’m on an email list for a coach who includes four or five links in every single email that he sends out.

At the end of each of his emails, he says:

– ‘Join my Facebook group here! (link)”

– “Buy my book!” (link)”

– “Grab your free discovery call with me! (link)”

– If you don’t want to do those things, do this ______! (link)”

– Etc

Imagine if you were trying to start a fire with a magnifying glass and the sun, but you kept moving the glass all over the place. If you didn’t focus on one area, do you think the fire would start?

I have a call-to-action in every email, but I make sure it’s only one link. I know that if I put multiple links in there it will decrease the chance of people clicking on any of them (the exception to this is if I’m sending an email out to promote several podcast interviews at once, like I’ll be doing tomorrow. In that case I’ll have multiple links).

Focus on one offer at a time, and you’ll get your fire going a lot quicker.

If you’d like to get more coaching clients than you can handle, here’s the link to follow to do that:

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