Overall, I’m a fan of researching your market.

You want to know what people need so you can best serve them (and so you don’t spend a long time creating something only to discover there’s no need for it).

But if you’re not careful, researching can drag on too long and become a crutch and excuse for not taking action.

Instead of research taking a week or two, it can easily expand into months or even years.

Meanwhile you’re taking in more and more information and getting frustrated because you’re not bringing in clients and customers.

“Failure to launch” isn’t just a cheesy romantic comedy starring Matthew McConaughey – it’s a very real thing in the online space and it’s why I’m doing something about it with my “Coach Sprint” program.

Instead of bunkering down into heavy research mode, we’ll be nailing down your offer right away in week #1 – and then we’ll spend the next month getting it sold.

If you’ve been stuck and frustrated by not knowing what to offer, this program will push you past the resistance so you can move forward.

We start this month and there’s still space available – you can get the details here:


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