My coaching business is about to turn five years old.

In that time, I can’t get over how much it’s changed.

I don’t see it at first glance, but the 2019 version is much different than the 2014 one.

It’s kind of like when I’m out with my son and we bump into someone we haven’t seen in a long time.

That person will comment how much Gray has grown, but I can’t see it since I’m around him all the time.

We’re so close to our businesses, tucked inside them 24/7, that we don’t see the evolution.

When I started coaching in 2014, I had no podcast or Alexa flash briefing, no Facebook group, no online programs, no print newsletter, and I hadn’t done any speaking gigs either.

But as I continued on, I added those offerings and services (and removed others)

Your business has to evolve, or it’ll die.

There was a time when Kodak and Blockbuster looked invincible – legend has it that the founder of Netlix, Reed Hastings, was laughed at by the CEO of Blockbuster when he proposed that the video giant buy his little company.

Older generations wouldn’t have imagined Sears closing any of their doors but the retail giant is basically dead now. Sears was a big deal here in Canada, and its “Christmas Wish book” was a must-read, but I don’t know anyone who bothers to read it anymore (or if it’s even still being sent around).

I see a lot of entrepreneurs making the mistake of thinking that they’re married to their offerings, or to their niche.

They think that since they’ve done something for a long time that they have to stick to it forever.

You’re never stuck – you can (and should) evolve.

If evolution is in the cards for you in 2019, I’m doing something this week that could be of interest.

I’m hosting a live training with Michael Praver from Business Coach Funding, where he’ll be showing how business coaches can get more clients.

Even if you aren’t currently a business coach, it could be the shift that you want to make this year.

It’s called “Why Funding For Clients Means Funding For You!” and it’s happening Thursday at 2 pm EST.

You can register for it here:

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