Although I’m not the biggest basketball fan in the world, I enjoyed watching “The Last Dance” series on Netflix and I highly recommend it to any entrepreneur.

It chronicles the championship runs of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls in the 90’s, and after seeing it I’m in awe of Jordan’s drive and discipline. Some of the “crazy” things he did back in the day:

  • he rushed back to play in his second season after breaking his foot, despite the Bulls’ management begging him to sit it out and not risk further injury. 99% of the athletes would have listened to them, but Jordan only cared about winning.
  • his pizza was most likely poisoned by a Utah pizza place before game 5 of the 1997 NBA finals, and despite feeling like death and being in rough shape he still showed up on the court and led the Bulls to victory in the now-infamous “Flu Game”.
  • time and time again he managed to make the big shot with seconds left to win the game (including “the shot” to win the 1998 Finals vs. the Jazz, watch it on YouTube to see what a big deal it was)

Although it seems like Jordan is superhuman, the series also showed behind-the-scenes practices where Jordan and his teammates learned game plans from their coach, Phil Jackson.

I guess you can be the greatest athlete in the history of the game and still need a game plan …

Entrepreneurs, especially coaches, are no exception – they need a solid plan to follow to get to the promised land.

If you’d like to get such a plan for your coaching business, I just released a new “roadmap” that you can download for free and put into action today.

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