Being a comic book fan, I knew that Nicole Bandes and I would get along when I read a blog post that she wrote titled “Even Batman needed an Alfred”.

Batman is one of the best heroes out there, able to keep the streets of Gotham safe. That’s not an easy thing to do, since Gotham is a pretty messed-up fictional city!

Although he has none of the super powers of Superman or Wonder Woman, he’s disciplined and has trained his body to its peak optimization, is a brilliant detective, and also a billionaire who can afford all sorts of crazy toys and gadgets to help him with his mission to protect the innocent from criminals.

Yet he still can’t do it alone.

While Batman is out at night doing his thing, he has his faithful butler Alfred Pennyworth manning the computers and keeping things running smoothly in the Batcave.

Alfred is arguably his most important ally, because he takes care of the things that Batman shouldn’t be doing – so he can focus on what he should be doing.

Nicole’s point in her blog post is that coaches and online entrepreneurs shouldn’t try to do everything themselves. They need someone back in their “Batcave” to help them with their mission.

She’ll be doing a training this Thursday at 3 pm EST where she’s teaching how you can use delegation to get more clients coming through your doors than criminals into Arkham Asylum.

Hop in your Batmobile and race here to reserve your spot:

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