Let’s talk about opportunities:

We live in the best time in history to be in business.

Entrepreneurs in the “old days” (pre-Internet) would have given their front teeth to have access to billions of people for free.

Today you don’t need expensive billboards, radio ads, newspaper ads, or even office space to have a successful business.

You can do it with a free social media account, or a few bucks to GoDaddy for a domain.

Opportunities are everywhere, but you have to keep your radar up for them.

I sometimes get asked how I book big name guests for my podcast.

My response?

I reached out and asked them to be on my show.

It sounds like common sense, but you know what they say about that …

Another example:

I was on a podcast that gets three million downloads per month and is one of the top business shows out there.

People asked me how I did it, and again, it was because I reached out to the host and asked to be on it.

My radar is up and finely-tuned for opportunities.

The other night I was watching one of my favourite movies of all time, “Dumb and Dumber” (seriously, I can quote most of the lines after watching it 100 times).

At the end of the movie, Lloyd and Harry are walking down the highway when a bus full of bikini models pulls over to say that they’re looking for two oil boys who can grease them up for each competition.

Unfortunately, the two don’t recognize the opportunity and they send the bus to a nearby town to find willing volunteers (hence the title “Dumb and Dumber”).

Lloyd says; “Don’t worry, we’ll catch our break too. Just gotta keep our eyes open”.

They couldn’t recognize an opportunity staring them in the face, and they paid for it.

Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities, they’re out there …

If you’d like to develop your radar for opportunities, this will help:


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