A few years back, I listened to a podcast series called “Missing Richard Simmons”.

It was hosted by his former friend, and it was an investigation to find out what happened to the fitness guru since he completely withdrew from the public eye and had been hiding away in his house for three years by then.

He didn’t even give his friends a heads up that he was disappearing, he just left and no one has heard from him since (except for a brief call that he made to “The Today Show”).

I loved the podcast. I found it a good mix of funny and serious, and I see a lesson for coaches (especially in the summer months, when plenty go missing …):

Richard Simmons can afford to go MIA – you can’t.

He built up a huge business over decades, and if he wants to live like a hermit then that’s his choice. He’s impacted a ton of lives and made his millions, so he’ll be ok.

Most coaches don’t have that luxury. Forget about disappearing for three years – if you disappear for three months it’ll hurt your business.

You have to consistently stay front and center with the people who need your help.

Stay active, put out content that will help people. Run programs that make an impact, create products that will do the same.

I’m not suggesting that you don’t take any time off. We all have to recharge … but don’t pull a Richard Simmons.

If you want to stay top of mind and get the coaching clients rolling in, here’s how:


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