I always have a chuckle when I see professional athletes “hot-dogging” (showing off) and blowing an easy goal, out, or touchdown.

Online entrepreneurs make this mistake often as well.

Instead of keeping things simple, they needlessly complicate it (and end up frustrated).

In his book Increasing Prices: How To Use the Power of the Yes-Yes System, Sean D’Souza outlines the exact method to implement his system, which includes using a certain table on your site when you’re selling something.

Yet some people insist on making unnecessary tweaks to it. He writes:

“I’m all in favour of creativity. Go out there and put chilli instead of jaggery in your food. Do your paintings upside down if you like. Be as creative as you want to be with pretty much everything in life. But with this Yes-Yes table, let’s drop the creativity. If you replicate the elements of the table correctly, it succeeds. If you don’t, it fails”

What I love about Sean’s books is he lays out the exact system to use to command higher prices and get more sales.

After I printed up the ebooks, I must have burned through a highlighter taking notes, and got so much value from them that I would have gladly paid double, triple, or even more.

If you’re able to follow instructions and implement instead of getting fancy, you’ll get a lot from the books as well.

You can get the bundle of them, plus a special bonus, by going here before midnight EST tomorrow:


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