You might hate someone’s guts with a passion, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn something from him/her.

Take the world of politics, for example.

The mere mention of Donald Trump’s name could make a person froth at the mouth and fly into a rage, but coaches can learn a lot from the guy.

Love him or hate him, he’s a master marketer and knows how to get his name out there (look at the billions of dollars in free advertising the mainstream media handed him in the 2016 election).

And there’s his ability to polarize …

I’ve never spoken with anyone who’s on the fence about Trump, or who says “Well, I’m not sure about him yet … I’m waiting to hear more before I make a decision on him”.

They either think he’s the best thing since sliced bread and making America great again, or that he’s the Devil incarnate, the worst President of all time, and will cause World War III.

Trump’s ability to repel people creates loyal fans who rush to his defense when he’s attacked. If he tried to play it safe and please everyone he wouldn’t be sitting in the White House now.

To be fair, let’s look at the other side of the fence.

A lot of people don’t like Barack Obama either – but they can still learn from him.

The whole “Hope and Change” thing inspired millions of voters and won him two terms (inspiring change is what coaches are about).

His team also did a great job using email marketing to build his support, to whip up donations and get him the votes needed to win.

Hillary Clinton?

Give me a second here …

Ok – how about her resiliency? She survived over four decades in the rough and tumble world of politics as public enemy #1 with a big, juicy target painted on her back, yet she couldn’t be taken down (and almost won the big prize).

There’s also the whole Monica Lewinsky thing, which she flipped to her advantage … that could be a masterclass in turning a negative into a positive.

Although I have some strong political beliefs, I visit websites and from all parts of the spectrum so I can see what everyone is saying.

I figure that I can learn some things from those that I disagree with.

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You might not agree with everything I say, but the goal is to get you more business (not for me to make friends):

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