Since it’s the first day of December, let’s talk about the month.

In my opinion, December gets a bad rap compared to the other months.

It’s not uncommon for coaches to shut down starting December 1st, as they think to themselves:

“Nobody is hiring a coach so close to the holidays, so I’ll wait until January to fire things up again!”

It becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy – you think people aren’t buying, so you stop working, so people don’t buy from you.

This is my fifth December as a coach, and the previous four Decembers have been busy for me.

But that’s only because I treat December like I would any other month.

I remind myself that people are buying this time of the year (people buy all 365 days of the year), and a lot of my peers are sucking back on eggnog and listening to Christmas music instead of selling to those people.

I’d go crazy taking a month off to drink eggnog while listening to Christmas music, so I’d rather be working.

I’m not suggesting that I won’t take a little bit of time off this month …

I won’t be on the laptop while my little guy is opening his presents, and I’ll shut my brain off to watch a few holiday movies like “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” (is there a better one?).

But I stay in the mindset that I can still help people this month, so I’ll be open for business.

While a lot of coaches have mentally tuned-out with the calendar having turned over today, I know that there are some who haven’t (since you’re reading this, you’re probably one).

If so, I’ve opened up a few slots in my calendar this week to talk with you about your business goals and to see if we’re a good fit to work together.

You can grab a time to chat here:

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