Attacking the wealthy is a popular thing nowadays.

I saw a clip of Hasan Minhaj (from “Patriot Act”) where he declared that billionaires shouldn’t be allowed to run for president.

He did a routine that said that only people who buy their own milk, and who know the exact price of a carton of milk, should be allowed to run for the highest office in the land. 

Who cares about candidates’ policies??? As long as they know the current price of milk they have my vote. Bonus points if they prefer chocolate to white (and if they don’t make it to the White House, at least they can kill it on “The Price Is Right” …)

Then Minhaj asked his audience:

“What is the monetary amount where your soul turns?”

His audience was a smart bunch. They had the ability to dive into a person’s brain and pinpoint the exact moment when the rich go from decent human beings to spawns of Satan.

They yelled out answers like “$1 million!”, “$15 million!”, and someone screamed “when you have enough to buy a yacht!!!”.

A quick glance at the crowd showed that it was 99% millennials, which didn’t surprise me given that polls show that generation preferring socialism to capitalism.

I get that Minhaj was doing a comedy bit – but attacks on the wealthy aren’t restricted to comics and late night hosts.

Look at Hollywood movies – the villain is often a rich SOB intent on getting his way. He’s a greedy capitalist plotting to take over a small town and turn it into a toxic wasteland, or to build over the baseball field that innocent little kids use and put up a big shopping mall in its place.

Or he’s the boss who gives Clark Griswold a membership to the “Jelly Of The Month” club, instead of the bonus that he desperately needs for his swimming pool.

This wealth-bashing is common on social media too … but here’s the thing:

If you spend your day attacking wealth, don’t be surprised when you’re struggling to pay the bills.

Imagine if the anti-capitalist entrepreneurs took half of the time spent running down the wealthy and poured it into activities to build their businesses?

If they did that, they’d eventually have some famous Hollywood folks attacking them!

And I’m guessing they’d be less stressed. Michael Beckwith nailed it when he said “You can’t light up the world if you can’t pay your light bill”.

Anyways, I do everything I can to repel anti-wealth coaches.

I don’t want to work with them, they just aren’t my people.

If you’re not afraid to admit that you want to be compensated well for what you do, you’d probably be a good fit for this:

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