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Cutting through the online noise like a hot knife through butter!

by | Nov 15, 2023 | Blog

One of my favourite characters in “Rick and Morty” is the butter robot that appeared in the first season.

If you haven’t seen it, it’s a small robot that Rick built to pass him butter.

That’s it, to just pass him butter.

When the robot questions its maker about its purpose in life, Rick answers with:

“You pass butter”

The robot looks down and says; “Oh my god”

And Rick replies; “Welcome to the club, pal”

(I always laugh out loud at this scene)

It’s deep stuff for a cartoon … it makes you think about the meaning of life and why we’re all on this big blue ball floating through space.

And now I’ll do something that another cartoon, “Family Guy”, likes to do: a cutaway to what I want to talk about today and something that involves butter.

The online space is very noisy, with potential clients on multiple platforms and with lots of things competing for their attention.

But I have a way to cut through all of this noise like a hot knife through butter …

My “Super Partner” joint venture package isn’t available often, but it’s now opening up.

It’s a way to get your offer in front of a lot of coaches for 365 days, and you can grab the details/book a call to chat with me about it here:

PS: This one Super Partner spot isn’t cheap and it’s definitely not for everyone! There are other joint venture packages, like my 7 day and 3 day campaigns, on the page:

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