The “Ascension Model” is considered gospel in the online world.

You’re supposed to start with a cheap offer (just a few bucks), and then introduce other offers that increase in price until you reach the Holy Grail …




Tom Matzen takes a contrarian point of view on this.

He and his partners, Steve Sipress and Timon Vinke, promote the “Descension Model” – where you start by offering your highest offer first.

Before you scoff at this, here’s a quote that I once came across:

“Contrarian thinkers are trailblazers in business. They are the polarizing visionaries who are just as likely to be called crazy as brilliant, and they have the foresight to see hidden opportunities and seize them at just the right moment”

If you’d like to learn their model, they teach it in the live Master Class happening Tuesday, November 24th at 4 pm EST.

Register at the link below (the replay will be sent to those who can’t make it live):

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