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Consistency – An Underrated Trait

by | Apr 8, 2015 | Blog

consistencyOf all the traits that successful people have, I think that consistency is often overlooked. After all, it’s not really exciting is it?  Doing something day-in, day-out when results can’t always be seen immediately isn’t something that appeals to everyone.  But successful people “get it”.

It’s hard to be consistent.  As a coach and a host of a daily podcast, there are things that I know I have to be doing every day.  And there are days when I’m not jumping up and down to do them.  That sneaky little voice in my head is whispering; “Is this really accomplishing anything?  Why are you doing this?” (ignore that little voice as much as possible, since it’s usually not helping you!).

Every morning I release a new podcast episode for Natural Born Coaches.  At 4:30 AM EST the new episode hits the website (, iTunes and everywhere else.  And a few hours later, when people are rubbing the sleep from their eyes, I’m sharing that day’s podcast episode around social media with a promotional piece … come hell or high water.  I send emails to my email subscribers twice a week, in the middle of the week and then a “Coming Attractions” email every Sunday (once again, come hell or high water).  There are dozens of these tasks that I know that I must consistently perform or my business will suffer.

If you don’t have enough consistency in your life, first determine what you need to be consistent with.  Don’t try to take on too many tasks (especially not the ones that have little impact).  Pick the important ones that get your content and message out to the people who need to hear it – the people who will ultimately work with you.  And then make a commitment to yourself that you will consistently do those things that you need to be doing.

Remember that those actions, as small as they may appear, will snowball into something much bigger for your business and your life!



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