Full disclosure: I’ve struggled with workaholic tendencies for years.

Since I started in business as a young grasshopper, I’ve been addicted to work and have found it difficult to relax.

A lot of people have to force themselves to turn off Netflix and open the laptop to get to work, I’m the opposite – I have to force myself to shut down the laptop and watch Netflix (and even then, I probably have the laptop open and am multi-tasking).

Maybe you’re the same way – I wouldn’t be surprised. I’ve encountered a lot of entrepreneurs who admit to being workaholics and feeling guilty if they aren’t constantly busy.

I’ve gotten better with delegating for my coaching business over the last few years … I have people handling things that I don’t have time to do or don’t enjoy doing (ie: podcast editing), and I just added a bunch of new admins to my Facebook group to handle the growth going on in there.

But as the year progresses, I’m looking for other ways to free up time by delegating tasks that I know I shouldn’t be doing.

If you know that you should be delegating more, but aren’t sure how to go about doing it, you’ll want to check out the live training that Nicole Bandes is doing tomorrow at 3 pm EST.

She’s going to show how to know if it’s time to delegate, and give a road map for how to let go of tasks without feeling guilty.

If you’re ready to change the way you’re running your business, you can join us by reserving your spot here:


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