Collaboration beats competition!

by | Jun 19, 2022 | Blog

Before I launched my podcast in 2014, I told someone about my plan for a show where I’d interview guests who could bring value to coaches.

He flat out told me I was crazy to give a platform to my “competition”, and that I shouldn’t do it.

“Natural Born Coaches” is still going strong after 7.5 years and 769 episodes, and a big reason why is I focused on bringing on great guests instead of biting my fingernails over losing potential clients to them.

I’ve also gone on to become friends and partner for joint ventures with a number of my past guests. If I had stuck with a solo show and hoarded my audience like Gollum and the ring in “Lord of the Rings”, the results would have been much different.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m a competitive guy (ask anyone who has played Risk or Monopoly with me) …

But when it comes to business, I prefer to structure what I call “Triple Win Partnerships” – ones that benefit my partners, my audience, and me.

I’m currently booking new joint ventures for summer 2022 and am looking for good people to partner with.

Here’s my main criteria for partnership:

1) Your offer must be relevant for coaches, since those are my people.

2) Your offer has to be valuable and give the results that you promise (since I’m attaching my name to it).

​3) Your offer can’t be something too similar to other joint ventures that I’ve done recently.

Those who I partner with get an interview spot on my podcast, me promoting the heck out of them for a week to my audience of almost 100,000 followers, and some cool bonus gifts.

If you’d like to do something together, you can get more details and book a call to chat with me about it here:

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