Colin’s “Clients Through Clarity” workshop today

by | Apr 28, 2021 | Blog

Last year, Colin Dingelstad did a training for my community that was so well-received that I asked him to come back and do something again – and it’s taking place inside The Coaching Jungle today.

The workshop is called “Clients Through Clarity” and in it Colin will show how to set up your lead generation processes in under 3 hours/day while staying authentic with the possibility of automating all business processes.

Here are the details from Colin:

This workshop is for you if…

  • you want to ditch the hustle, and build your business in a way that’s graceful and honors your true self
  • you’d like to package your expertise and create profitable, high-end offers without working more hours
  • you’re tired of undercharging, over-giving, and feeling burnt out and broke
  • you’re ready to stop chasing clients, and start attracting clients who can’t wait to book you

What’s being covered:

  • How to use Facebook artificial intelligence to help you find your dream clients. (Most people who are experienced with Facebook marketing don’t even know about this)
  • How to use ecosystem attraction so that you never have to cold call, email, or text people again. (This is perfect for people who want to work as efficiently as possible.)
  • What you should NEVER say to potential clients. This one sentence kills any chance you have of making $10,000+ off one client.
  • How to build a phantom “marketing team” that takes very little effort. (But might give you a MASSIVE ROI)
  • Understanding the 2% that actually matters.
  • Where to find 10.000 dream clients that believe that your high-ticket offer will solve their exact problem.
  • Doing it all in under 3 hours/day with the possibility of outsourcing the entire process.

Colin goes live inside The Coaching Jungle today at 10 AM EST, so you’ll have to be a member to watch:

“See” you there!

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