Every coach should be using an online calendar.

Yet even in 2019, some refuse to have one.

I’ve heard them say that online calendars are “impersonal”, and that they prefer to talk directly with someone to make arrangements to book a call rather than sending them to a website.

It’s a crazy objection.

I’ve been on message threads before that show why online calendars are needed.

In these situations I connect two mutual contacts by email, or Facebook message, and they then exchange 20 messages back and forth trying to reach a day/time that works for both of them.

They’ve left me in the conversation, so my inbox gets filled up with the barrage of back-and-forth messages as they try to work things out.

That’s not always easy to do when people are separated by time zones or are across the world from each other, and the result is something that looks like they’re negotiating a Middle East peace treaty.

After sitting through one such exchange between a client of mine and someone else, I messaged my client privately and told him; “Get an online calendar, ASAP!”

In my mind it’s a no-brainer …

Besides the time savings they provide, they establish you as a serious professional and show that you’re treating your business like a real business.

Refusal to use them shows the backwards thinking going around in the coaching world. To fix this, Glen Oliveiro is doing a live training this Thursday to show the best way to manage and grow a coaching business.

He has a unique perspective since his platform (CoachVantage) has an online calendar feature and a lot of other things that coaches need – all in one place.

It’s called “How To Grow and Manage Your Business Seamlessly With a Coaching-Centric Platform”, and here’s the link to save your seat:


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