I do a lot of calls with coaches, and one of the first questions that I ask during these calls is about what the coach has for available programs.

It’s not uncommon for a small percentage of those coaches to have group coaching programs set up.

In my completely unscientific research, I’ve found that only about 10% of coaches (15% at most) are currently running group programs.

I think this is a mistake.

Group programs allow you to help more people and bring in a lot of additional revenue.

If you only have a 1:1 offering, if the prospect isn’t a fit for that then you’ve probably lost them.

But when you have a group program, you can whip that out of your back pocket …

“So my 1:1 isn’t the right fit for you now … would you like to hear about a way to get my help for less than what I charge for my 1:1?”.

I’ve never had anyone say to me; “Nah Marc, I don’t want to hear about that”.

If you only have a 1:1 offering, you’ll also be tempted to cut your fees so you don’t lose a potential client.

But a group program helps you defend your 1:1 fees. If someone is trying to haggle, you propose your group program (or cut them loose altogether, since that could be a red flag and not someone you’re going to have fun working with).

If you’d like to learn how to use group coaching effectively, you’ll want to check out the training that Sofia Reis is doing on Tuesday.

It’s called “Nail Your System For Consistency, Clients and Cash”, and you can grab your seat for it here:


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