Let’s say there’s a business owner who wants to hire a business coach.

We’ll call the owner Joe – from Joe’s Widgets on Main Street.

Joe’s been considering two coaches, Coach A and Coach B.

Both Coach A and Coach B are good at what they do.

They’ve been helping business owners for roughly the same amount of time, and they both have a good track record with strong testimonials.

Neither has an advantage over the other … except for one thing:

Coach B has a partnership with someone who can line up funding for his business owner clients (and can even provide funding for his own coaching business, if he wants it).

In addition to getting the coach’s help with his usual coaching skills, he suddenly has access to funding that can help the client expand his business (and sleep better at night).

By hiring Coach B, the client has access to a funding resource that’s not available with Coach A.

With that in mind, who’s Joe going to hire as his coach?

It’s pretty clear that Joe will hire Coach B, every single time.

If you’d like a way to set yourself apart from your competition, and be Coach B instead of Coach A, check out the live training that I’m doing with Michael Praver from Business Coach Funding next week.

Michael will show you how you can beat the competition 100% of the time by becoming an invaluable resource for your clients.

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