Although time travel isn’t possible (yet), I like to hop in my own version of a DeLorean regularly and go to the past.

My DeLorean isn’t a cool car with gull-wing doors, but a simple thing called “Facebook Memories” ( that shows what I posted on this day one year ago, two years ago, three years ago, and so on …

One benefit of doing this is it’s a great way to come up with content. You can take your older posts and recycle them for a new audience that wasn’t following you in the past, or for followers who might have missed it the first time you published it.

There are times when my brain has been working overtime and is zonked, but I want to release something. Going to Facebook Memories will usually give me content to use since I’ve been posting for my coaching business since 2014.

The other benefit is it gives perspective on how far you’ve come along in your journey.

Think of it this way: you don’t notice your children growing since you see them often, but then your friends or acquaintances are shocked at how big they’ve gotten since they last saw them. The same goes for your business – since you’re around it every day, you don’t realize the evolution that’s happening.

Since I’ve been doing my Facebook Memories check, I’ve been surprised at how much my business has grown and evolved. 2019 especially has been a year with a lot of change, so I’m going to do a year-end review in the December issue of my Secret Coach Club hard copy newsletter.

I’m also going to include a bonus report with the top 10 books I read this year and that I think every coach should read – chances are you haven’t heard of a majority of these ones.

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