I once read an interesting book called “How To Change Your Mind”.

It’s all about psychedelic drugs like LSD and the effect that they have on the human brain, and author Michael Pollan tells the story of one LSD researcher who in the 1980’s hatched a plan to help President Reagan by mailing letters with LSD to 1000 Russians who were involved in the negotiations over nuclear disarmament.

He was convinced that it would open their minds, make them more empathetic, and be good for everyone involved.

How’s that for patriotism?

Although I’m not a fan of LSD (and won’t be encouraging people to take it), the story got me thinking about something:

Just as that researcher wanted to help people by introducing them to something they’d never experienced before, coaches should be doing the same for coaching.

In the online world it’s easy to assume that everyone knows about coaching since we talk about it all day long.

But in the “real world”, coaching isn’t something many people have experienced.

(For example, when I meet people locally and tell them that I’m a coach, they often think I’m talking about athletics)

Despite the growth of the industry over the last few years, we’re still seeing just the tip of the iceberg.

We need to get out there and preach the gospel – to work with more clients and show them the benefits of working with a good coach.

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