Cats and laser dots

by | Nov 30, 2022 | Blog

Ever use a laser pointer on a cat to see it chasing the dot all around the room and up the walls?

It doesn’t matter how tired the cat is, it’ll jump around at the little dot whenever it magically appears.

In the history of cat-kind, no feline has ever caught that dot (that I’m aware of)

A lot of entrepreneurs are being distracted by laser dots too …

They start doing something, only to abandon it a few days later when the “next hot thing” hits their line of sight.

Or they hear from their buddy that a new thing (a new app, social media platform, website plugin, or secret formula) is about to explode and they better get in on it.

The result is them running around and chasing these dots – and we know what happens there: like the cat who never catches the dot, the entrepreneur becomes tired and frustrated.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t try new things – but be careful with all the red dots floating around you.

Find something that gels with you and that you enjoy doing. And then be patient as you work away at it.

Leave the laser-dot-chasin’ to the cats …

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