Earlier this week I had someone complain that I had the audacity to make a business offer during this time.

Actually, It’s been business as usual for me during this Corona thing …

When I say “business as usual”, I mean with my business, not my personal life.

Personally I’m practicing the recommended “social distancing” and taking precautions, but my business is moving along like it always does (since it was mostly 100% online already, other than the odd speaking gig, this wasn’t a big change for me).

I’m still open for business, and I’m not going to hesitate to let people know that. I’m hoping that all online entrepreneurs, while practicing safety recommendations and self-care, don’t neglect their businesses.

On Monday I did my usual Coaching Jungle mastermind calls, and everyone showed up in those groups. They got advice, brainstormed for their businesses and contributed as usual, and they told me that the calls made them feel better and are keeping them on track.

One of the members is even in Seattle, and his group meets at 6 AM his time, but he was there and ready to go.

Now’s not the time to go MIA with your business, I say push through the fear and carry on.

If you’d like to be around positive folks who are still growing their businesses, you can get the details for the mastermind here:


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