The calendar flips over to December tomorrow, and I happen to believe it’s a dangerous month for coaches.

It’s dangerous because many of them (and other entrepreneurs) tune out, and essentially shut their businesses down for the remainder of the year.

There’s a big lie going around that nobody does business in December: people don’t hire coaches, they don’t buy online programs, etc. The lie is that every one is waiting until the new year to do those things.

This is wrong!

I’ve always done a lot of business in December, because I keep going as if it’s any other month of the year – while others give up to go watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation five times and suck back the eggnog.

You shouldn’t shut down in December …

If anything, you should ramp up your activity and finish the year off on a strong note.

I feel so strongly about this that I spend half of the next Secret Coach Club newsletter going over four revenue-generating activities that coaches can do to make more money in December than any other month of 2017.

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