I recently saw a meme that made me chuckle:

It had Pennywise (the clown from “It”) poking his head out of the sewer in the famous scene from both the television miniseries and also the more recent movie.

I can’t remember the exact wording (and couldn’t find it with a quick Google search), but it said something like:

“That Facebook friend who only pops up to comment negatively on your posts”

I’ve had plenty of these people on my Facebook over the years, and while I have no problem with debate and discussion, they’re a strange bunch.

They’re often the first/one of the first comments on your post, which makes you wonder if they’re creeping your page all day long.

And once you see the notification that they commented on your post, you know that it’s going to be to crap all over it.

I recently had to remove a few of them, since they seemed to get triggered by my posts and were playing Pennywise and popping out of the sewer too often …

So why bother being connected with them at all? Dropping them will hopefully give them (and me) some peace of mind.

When you’re active and sharing your message online you’re going to come across your share of Pennywises.

The good news is it means that you’re active, staying in front of people, and not falling into the dangerous trap of people-pleasing.

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