Parts of the US, like Colorado, rang in the New Year with colder-than-usual temperatures.

We’re used to it here in Atlantic Canada, where it’s not uncommon to get some chilly weather in January.

When I say “chilly”, we get some cold snaps that are around -30 Celsius (that’s -22 Fahrenheit for my American friends) …

Not exactly beach weather.

I saw a discussion on Reddit once where frozen Americans were asking people in Edmonton (Western Canada) how they deal with the cold, since Edmonton was on that day the coldest place on Earth.

Although someone replied that Edmontonians had really died and were now walking/talking frozen zombies, the advice given came from many years of dealing with brutal cold in the winters.

It’s smart of the people facing colder-than-usual weather to go to those who are the experts.

The same goes for advice on getting more coaching clients, particularly business coaching clients.

Michael Praver from Business Coach Funding knows that world like the back of his hand.

He does something unique that helps business coaches become invaluable resources for their clients, and the the result is more revenue coming in for the coaches who partner with him.

Next Thursday, January 10th, he’ll be doing a live training exclusively for my community which will cover:

-> Helping your clients understand the specific role business funding plays to help startups become strong, successful companies.
-> Which type of business funding is appropriate at each stage of development.
-> Why most entrepreneurs use personal credit to help start their first business.
-> Why it is important to set up their business as a corporation or LLC.
-> What opportunities exist for credit
-> Outlining the process of working with Business Coach Funding.

If you need help dealing with extreme cold, talk to people living in extreme cold conditions.

If you need help getting more coaching clients, register for the training here:

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