Tom Matzen told me something a few years back that made me think he might be crazy …

Instead of doing traditional webinars, he and his team were hosting live, 3-hour “Master Classes”.

I thought “Who has 3 hours to sit on a computer and watch something from a stranger?”

(I also thought, “Ok, is ‘Master Class’ just another word for ‘webinar’?”

Then he told me something that blew my mind further:

While traditional webinars are seeing lower and lower live attendance rates, Tom’s Master Classes get close to 100% of attendees staying for the whole thing!

This was no accident.

Tom and his team structure their Master Classes a very specific way, to give a lot of value and hook people to stay until the end.

And they give enough that should the attendee not invest in their offer to help at the end, they still got bang for their buck for the 3 hours spent there.

I watched one of his Master Classes last week and filled almost 10 pages of notes … and I took away two big ideas that I’m implementing in my business right now.

If you’re a coach who would like to bring 10 quality clients into your business in the next 90 days, without hounding and chasing bad prospects, the next Master Class is happening on Tuesday, November 24th at 4 pm EST.

Grab your seat for it here:

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