As easy as selling lemonade

by | Sep 14, 2021 | Blog

A few weeks ago, some neighbourhood kids came to my door selling lemonade.

I was about to run out, and I already had a cold bottle of water, so I was all good.

I did give them $5, because I want to support young capitalists who are out working on a hot summer day (Go capitalism!)

When I asked how they were doing for sales, they said they sold a lot of lemonade that day …

That only happened because:

A) They were clear on what they were selling (no guesswork), and

B) They got out there and asked for the sale!

Had those kids not been clear on their offer, or sat on their couch because it was too hot outside, they wouldn’t have sold anything.

So if I asked you “How do you help people?”, could you give a clear answer?

And if I asked you “How many people saw your offer this week?”, what would that number be?

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