Business should be fun.

If you aren’t enjoying yourself and doing the things you want to do, then why bother?

A good example of building a business on your own terms comes from Coaching Jungle member Christian Gasper.

Christian was broke and depressed back in 2011, but he turned everything around by selling his knowledge with online courses.

He went this route because he wanted to make money without getting on the phone (which he wasn’t a fan of). And there were other reasons:

  • Too much 1:1 coaching can suck up time and energy
  • He could get business when he wasn’t online – even on vacation and at night.
  • He didn’t want to guess when the next client was going to come in.

Online courses checked all of the boxes for him: time, money, location, freedom, scaleability, and profitability.

If you’d like to learn how to do the same, Christian is putting together a free training to teach how to take your knowledge and create an online course around it to generate a 6-figure online business in 12 months.

He’s gathering feedback so the training gives people exactly what they need, so if you’re interested and have a minute head over here:

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