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Are you an introvert? Check this out …

by | Sep 18, 2022 | Blog

Earlier this week I put a poll up in The Coaching Jungle group, asking if members consider themselves to be introverts, extroverts, or ambiverts (a combination of the two).

The current results:

16% say they’re extroverts, 30% say introverts, and more than half (54%) are a mix of the two …

Since roughly 1/3 are introverts, and I know a lot of other coaches would define themselves that way, there’s something going on this Tuesday that can help:

Patrick Shaw and the RapidFunnel team will be hosting a webinar where coaches can learn how to add recurring revenue to their businesses, and it works especially well for introverts.

One of their clients, G. Gillman, said; “It makes prospecting easy for introverts like me! This tool really makes the process fast and easy”

It’s happening this Tuesday (September 20th) at 2 pm EST, and if you’d like to add a subscription service/recurring revenue to what you’re doing (even if you’re an introvert) join us by registering here:

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