Most people who reach out to pick other’s brains aren’t doing it to be malicious, nor do they want to distract others and ruin their lives.

That being said, if you have an open gate for brain-picking requests and help everyone who approaches you to do it, it will throw you off your game.

Coaches want to help others, and probably know the brain-pickers (at least casually), so it can be awkward to turn them away.

A lot of coaches give in and just do it, making them feel better that they’re helping someone, or they tell themselves that they could get a client or referrals from it down the road.

Others decline the request, but give a detailed response explaining why.

You don’t have to get into a long answer when turning down brain-pickers …

I have a short, simple, and easy-to-deliver reply and I’m including it in the November issue of Secret Coach Club.

This answer has saved me hundreds of hours over the years, and I’m confident that it’ll save you a lot of time as well.

If you’d like a way to respond to brain-pickers without feeling like a heartless jerk, you can get it by subscribing before the deadline tonight at midnight EST:

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