(Announcement) The re-opening of The Coaching Jungle Mastermind (with a Black Friday discount!)

by | Nov 21, 2022 | Blog

Building an online coaching business can be a lonely experience.

Coaches might feel like Tom Hanks’ character in “Castaway” – trapped on an uninhabited island with the potential to go a little bonkers. And they don’t even have a volleyball like “Wilson” to keep them company, but if they did that would be a little strange.

It’s not that they don’t communicate with anyone all day long. They do calls, send emails and messages around, and are active on social media.

But it’s often only surface-level interaction and not very deep.

What if they’re stuck on something and need help?

What if they want to brainstorm and bounce ideas for their business off of others?

What if they’re having a bad day and feel like giving up?

They probably can’t talk with family or friends, because they don’t want to bother them or they worry that they wouldn’t understand.

And they can’t blast their problems all over social media (although I do see a lot of coaches doing this, to be “authentic” or to get more engagement on their posts).

There’s a need for a tight-knit group to support coaches, and to keep them motivated and accountable … and that’s why I started “The Coaching Jungle Mastermind” a few years ago.

I retired the mastermind during COVID, but I’m now opening it back up for serious coaches to join …

I’ll be meeting with a maximum six members once a week for video calls, where every coach will have dedicated “hot seat” time to focus on their business.

Everyone will set a goal on each call, and be kept accountable and on track to make sure they hit it.

These calls aren’t idle chit chat or “shooting the breeze” – we’ll have fun, but we’re serious about getting results.

Those who join this week will get a Black Friday discount grandfathered in at $297 per month (instead of the $397 per month that I usually charge), and will also get free access to my Secret Coach Club while they’re in the mastermind.

The next step is to book a call to apply, and you can do so here (it’s first-come, first-served):


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