There are a lot of potential clients out there for business coaches.

They’re the “bricks and mortar”, traditional business owners who would benefit from working with a good coach, but never get connected with one.

A few days back, I was talking with another coach about this untapped market.

She’s also noticing a lot of business owners who don’t know what coaching is.

The problem is coaches are trapped in the bubble of assuming that everyone knows what we do. We’re around it all day, talking about it, reading about it, talking to other coaches …

But most of the business world is outside this bubble.

The question is:

How to get your foot in their doors to show them what you can do for them?

How do you show Joe from Joe’s Widgets or Mary from ABC Accounting how you can help them?

These people are busy and have a lot of things on their minds – it’s not easy to get their attention.

Luckily, Michael Praver came up with a way to get the ear of business coaches.

You’ll have them chasing you, and then referring you to other business owners that they know.

His method is so successful because it tunes into the WiiFM (What’s in it For Me?) channel on their radios.

Michael is going to be explaining more during the live training that we’re doing today at 2 pm EST.

You can save your spot for it here:

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