Since yesterday was Valentine’s Day, let’s talk about love.

Coaches should focus on doing things that they love, since business is a lot easier that way.

On a coaching call this week, I encouraged a client to do more Facebook Live videos. She admitted to me that she hates them. She doesn’t enjoy it, isn’t comfortable, doesn’t like how she looks on camera, etc.

I joked that she could do what interviewees do on tv when they don’t want their identities revealed – they’re covered in a big shadow and their voices are changed.

All kidding aside, my suggestion to her was to not do video.

Although I always recommend trying something at least once (since a lot of coaches hold off on activities that they could be good at because of fear), don’t bother with those things that make you want to vomit and break out in hives.

If you don’t enjoy it, you’re not going put in the consistent effort required to get traction.

As of today I’ve released 541 episodes of my Natural Born Coaches podcast, have been a guest on hundreds of other shows, and written daily emails for almost two straight years (this April is the two year mark). I wouldn’t have done these things so often if I didn’t like doing them!

There are so many options that you can do to get your business rolling that you have plenty of choices.

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