Let’s talk about stalkers for a second.

Not the bad kind who hide in bushes or in unmarked vans on the street.

I’m talking about online stalkers – those who consume your (and other coaches’) content for weeks, months, or even years without revealing themselves.

I can’t count how many times someone has bought something from me, or hired me as their coach, and told me that they’ve been following my stuff for a long time without me knowing them.

Their names never registered because they didn’t comment on or share any of my social media posts, or reply to the emails that I sent them for being on my email list, but they were there and soaking it in.

It’s nice when they do finally reach out and become a customer/client – unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.

Too often, the prospect gets lured away from you and goes with someone else.

Maybe it works out for them, but there’s also the chance the person they hired instead isn’t as good as you are.

So it’s lose/lose (you lost the business, and they didn’t get the results that you could have if they’d gone with you).

Most coaches would cry if they knew how much business they’re losing every year with the disconnect between people viewing their stuff and taking the next step by booking a call with them.

To fix this problem, I’m doing a live training with Sean Kemp next week.

Sean is going to show how you can build the bridge that gets people who are interested in what you’re doing to reach out and become clients.

It’s called “Creeper To Close: How To Convert Profile Views To Sales Calls”, and it’s happening next Thursday.

You can register here:


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